• Classic
• Classic Sun-Dried Tomato
• Artichoke Cashew
• Pistachio
• Portobello Hazelnut
• Red Pepper Almond
• Spanish Olive Habanero
• Caper Hazelnut
• Greek Olive /
Anchovy Tapanade
• Plus Seasonal Specialties


As seen on the Travel Channel with Samantha Brown!

pesto diva pesto sauces

You have entered the wonderful world of Pesto Diva Authentic Italian Pesto Tutto Italiano, where only the finest local and imported natural ingredients, including pure extra virgin olive oil, are in every batch.

Made without preservatives or other additives, Pesto Diva is a smart, fresh, and healthful taste treat. So, as my Mother Angelina would say as she served a meal: Mangia! Eat! And Enjoy!

Buon Appetito

Anna Marie Mele
Pesto Diva

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  "Best stuff at the Winter Park Farmers' Market. So addictive, it should be illegal."
Tom Justice, Orlando