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Family Mealtime Moments

Sundays with Family

Memories of Sunday dinners at my Grandparents house began after mass where family would gather, it was a tradition, like grandma at the stove stirring the marinara the very thought of it, and the smells before we even opened the door!  First the ziti;  a weekly requirement, nearly a rule, it was always there every Sunday.
The menu as near as I can remember was marinara sauce sometimes with crab,maybe fried squash blossoms and Calamari, the list goes on.
This was an all day family affair, talking, laughing, eating, and then we’d part ways late into the evening to do it all over again next Sunday.
My hope for you is that my products will help you create your own family mealtime memories reminiscent of Sundays on your own Staten Island. 


When life hands you spoiled basil throw it out and start over and so I did, I picked myself up and started producing pesto. My first was the “Classico” Pesto Sauce. I soon became a vendor at the Winter Park Farmers Market on September 2, 1996 and around the same time I opened Mele di Bari, an alfresco style restaurant in Winter Park Fl, and the rest is history.

My Mission

Many new flavors have been created since my first Classico Pesto, made with the freshest ingredients available and every batch I make is made by hand in small batches. I strive to bring to you with each batch the very best, my commitment to quality will never change.

Anna Marie Mele

*Caper Hazlenut on right

La mia famiglia '

131 Bodine St.

Aunt Rose with cousins Tina & Angel

Local Vendor

Mtn Home Idaho 1954 Mele family photo (dad in Air Force)

Aunt Celie & cousin Tina

1991 @Grandma's, Matthew and I

Summertime at Gramma's

Mom and Dad - England 1964

Mom and I in Tehran, Iran 1952

Grandma & Grandpa Porzio

Worlds Fair 1965 with my Aunt and cousins

1992 Dad, John & Matthew

1960 Wyoming Mele Family photo

Love my Uncle Joey

PIcnic at Aunt Isabelle & Uncle Gaetano

More Local Flavor


Hey Cheech, go to the garden for some Arugula.