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10 Minutes Prep to Table Meal Ideas

Creative uses for my Pesto and Tapanade, you’re next meal idea!
Print out available.


A 1/3 cup boiling pasta water to your favorite Pesto making it creamy, warm, and a sauce, then toss with your favorite pasta.  Bellissimo!

As a marinade

for fish and chicken, Pesto Diva Pesto rocks!  Absolutely yummy!


your favorite Pesto Diva Pesto on shrimp and grill.

As a base

to your pizza, add your favorite Pesto Diva Pesto, top with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.

Roast or

grill vegetables,toss with any flavor Pesto Diva Pesto.
My personal favorite is Classico.

Pesto Diva Spanish Olive

Tapanade with Peppers, great on scrambled eggs, as a condiment in your cooking, or simply on a baguette.

Start a New

tradition top off your burger with Pesto Diva Pesto.


fingerling potatoes, gently crush and drizzle with your favorite Pesto Diva Pesto sauce. Who needs ketchup with you have PDP.
I’d be glad to hear of your own meal ideas or contact me with any questions you may have.

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Here's more meal ideas for my Pesto and Tapanade:

  • TapanadeServe with fresh Baguettes for a wonderful appetizer
  • Pesto Bread Just a smear of pesto and you have a great variation on Garlic Bread
  • SoupAdd a tablespoon to a bowl of soup to enhance flavor

Buon Appetito